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Speaking to women’s organizations in churches is a special passion for me, since I have depended upon the Lord for guidance through troubled and difficult times throughout my entire life.

At one point, during a particularly devastating time of loss, I fell into despair and ended up losing everything; sleeping on the floor of an abandoned house. I was sinking quickly because I was depending on my own abilities to survive. I was estranged from my family and going nowhere fast, when I was reminded that my spiritual garden needed tending and my faith needed to be greater than my fear!

My life has been filled with addictions, abuse, disappointments and failures, but I have learned to keep my eyes fixed on God no matter what happens on my journey. And I’ve also learned that laughter is one of the best coping tools we have been given so I use it often and I use it gratefully!

At times, we are all cracked pots! But through God’s love and our faith in that love, we can repair the broken vessel and know that it will be stronger where it was mended.

The scriptures tell us that in all things, we should find joy. That is what I’d love to share with you!