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Slightly Irregular Underwear

Sometimes imperfection can be perfect! The word “irregular” has a bad reputation….not the kind of irregularity that involves digestive malfunction….I mean the kind of irregularities that happens in your everyday life. Sometimes things don’t go as planned or take us by surprise. We often see them as negatives; when in reality, they can actually make life more entertaining!

We can either embrace and celebrate our irregularities, or go around with our pants in a bunch. This does not fix anything and it just makes us walk funny! Life is short, so if your shorts are bunched…you’re wasting valuable time! If your life isn’t perfect, you need this book. It couldn’t hurt and it just might help!

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How to Live Life as a Diva
(Delighting in Victorious Attitude)

You were born to be a DIVA. You deserve to Delight In Victorious Attitude! This book will help you kick yourself in the “but” and achieve victory over stress, mean people, a wretched past, and all of the yucky things that can get you down.

We’d all like to soar with the eagles, but most of us can’t get off the ground because our big “buts” weigh us down! “Buts” are excuses that need to be kicked aside if we are to find true joy. Move your “but”, buy this book, and free the DIVA that is inside of you.

Remember that laughing makes you feel better and it also makes people wonder what you’re up to!

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Here's to the Ladies Who Laugh!

Here’s to the Ladies Who Laugh!

From the beginning of time, women have felt the need to put on their Super Hero Capes…or maybe I should say Super SHEro Capes….and save the world. We can’t seem to sit down until every dish has been put away, every piece of laundry has been folded, everybody’s lunch for the next day has been packed and there is world peace. Only then can we think about resting, which we can only do for a few minutes because there are other things for us to consider…like how to repair the hole in the ozone layer and restore the environmental balance of the earth.

You’re a stressed out woman? So what if your life is so hectic and you’re so busy that you feel out of control. So what if you were in such a rush this morning that you diapered the dog and gave the baby Gravy Train for breakfast. So what if the elastic of your very existence is being stretched so far, you think you’re going to snap and go flying around the room like a deflated balloon. So What? That’s life and these things will pass.

This book features humorous take on the phases of a woman’s life. It’s an opportunity to lighten up, put your feet up and raise your glass to the Ladies Who Laugh!

“I’ve always found the best way to get through the tough times in life is to utilize ones sense of humor, and Linda Henley-Smith agrees! I loved the book and her keen sense of humor. Please count me in “Here’s To The Ladies Who Laugh” next jolly good time, there’s nothing like it”. –Ann Jillian.

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An Island of Sanity in the Seas of Stress

When is it OK to laugh? The correct answer is “Always!” We live in tense times and stress can sap your energy, make you crabby, and it can also kill you! It is not being irreverent or disrespectful to laugh in times of trouble. Laughter is a healthy coping mechanism which allows us to restore balance and improve mental health. This workbook is full of humor tips, funny stories, attitude adjustment activities, and strategies to maintain a healthy level of Vitamin L (for laughter) even in tough time.

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Mission Possible!

Mission Possible

Linda is featured in this book, along with Mark Victor Hansen and Dr. John Gray. It is a collection of interviews with twelve Americans who have achieved success in their fields, offering stories of hope, encouragement and practical advice.

This book should be required reading for anyone wanting to grow and succeed.

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Make 'em Laugh! Adding Humor to Your Presentations

Make ’em Laugh!
Adding Humor to Your Presentations

So you are going to make a presentation.  Good for you.  But will it be good for your audience?  You probably have all the wisdom in the world to impart regarding your subject, but if your program lacks pizzazz you might as well be speaking to an audience of ducks because no one will remember many of your wise words.  You won’t be able to teach them anything if you don’t have their attention.  Unless you are a licensed hypnotist, you probably don’t want your audiences too relaxed and glassy eyed.

This book will give you the added punch for a presentation that was just ordinary to become a world renowned circus – or at least a very pleasant, educational and memorable experience for everyone!

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Humor Me I'm m A Teacher

Humor Me…I’m a Teacher

Teaching will either cause you to crack up or it will crack you up… the decision is yours! Well-placed humor will enhance your entire classroom experience and teach your students that there are alternatives to anger, aggression and abuse. Self-esteem begins with learning to put things into proper perspective, laugh at ourselves and take our work seriously while taking ourselves lightly.

This handbook will keep the positive energy in your classroom flowing. It offers suggestions and ideas for transforming your classroom into a happier place where learning and growing are enhanced. It’s packed full of light-hearted quips, tips and stories from the classroom as well as ideas for incorporating “mirthquakes” and brainbreathers into your daily schedule.

This humorous handbook will explore the practical applications of humor in teaching, training, diffusing negativity and providing our students with a joyful and FUNctional classroom environment. What better gift to give to our students, and ourselves, than the gift of laughter!

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Magic Wand

Magic Wand

I see that your mood’s in a negative place.
I can’t have your bad vibes invading my space!
I care about you… your hand I will hold…
But not while you’re choosing to act like a troll!
And so with a wave of my magic wand,
For now… in MY world… “POOF” …you are gone.

~Linda Henley-Smith

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No Whining Button (6″)

No Whining Button

Who doesn’t need one of these? This is a reminder to avoid contributing to Global Whining!

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