Linda is a world-renowned speaker and motivational queen

Motivational Speaker, Keynote Speaker, Inspirational Speaker

Drawing upon her experiences as a teacher, counselor, author, trainer, motivational speaker, keynote speaker, inspirational speaker as well as a lifetime in the entertainment business, Linda Henley-Smith provides an amusing and educational outlook on working, living, and surviving. Her programs are presented with humor, music, stories and an energy that is contagious. Audiences are encouraged to improve their “laughitudes” and enjoy an “attitude of altitude.”

For those left-brained people who care about such things:

Linda holds degrees in education and music. She provides training to audiences by implementing innovative activities and projects tailored to each group’s needs. She has taught thousands how to enjoy a higher level of personal and professional success, by tapping into their inner resources.

She was named by “Sharing Ideas Magazine” as one of the consummate speakers of the year and featured in “Successful Meetings Magazine” as a “hot pick” on the speaking circuit. She has presented in all fifty states, and in Europe, Canada, Africa and Mexico. Linda has been featured at conventions and conferences with such celebrities as Goldie Hawn, Marie Osmond, Melissa Gilbert, Jack Canfield, Priscilla Presley and Garrison Keillor.

Linda’s memberships include National Speakers Association, E-Women Network, American Business Women Association and Association of Applied and Therapeutic Humor. She is former editor of Agewave’s Senior Magazine and authored state history newspapers, used in classrooms across the country.

These are all worthy accomplishments, but it is her life experiences that enable her to relate to all audiences. After all, who wouldn’t want to know just exactly how she managed to flush herself down an airplane toilet?

For those right-brained people who just want to know about the creative stuff:

Linda loves presenting her “But”-Kickin’ programs; designed to remind people to get rid of their big “buts” (excuses) and live the life they desire and deserve!

Linda has been featured at conventions, conferences and events all around the world. She is a trainer in high demand and is currently presenting workshops under her company name of “For the Good Times.” She is the author of “Adjust Your Attitude and Laugh ’til the Cows Come Home” (a helpful handbook of hints for the humorally challenged,) “Humor Me, I’m a Teacher”, which has been used as a textbook for educators in some schools, “Here’s to the Ladies Who Laugh,” “How to Live Like a DIVA (Delighting In Victorious Attitude)” and “Make ‘em Laugh…Adding Humor to Your Presentations.” She was featured, along with John Gray and Mark Victor Hanson, in the book, “Mission: Possible”; a collection of interviews with twelve Americans who have achieved success in their fields, offering stories of hope, encouragement and practical advice. Her blog, “But”-Kickin’ Balance Tips,” keeps readers chuckling about life’s humorous possibilities.

Linda believes that too many of us keep the joy buried inside. She fears that keeping laughter bottled up can cause a condition known as “humorrhoids.” This can lead to terminal seriousness. Linda has firsthand knowledge of this condition. At one point, during a time of personal crisis, Linda found a whole new meaning to the term “personal growth.” Unfortunately, the growth was a result of using food as a way to cope with life’s disappointments. She grazed constantly and piled excess poundage on a frame that was not meant to carry that much weight. It soon became apparent to Linda that things were not getting any better. She now had to deal with the problems that come with obesity. Her health, relationships and work began to suffer. Spiraling down into a major depression, she hit an economical and emotional low of sleeping on the floor of a vacant house.

The day Linda realized she needed to reset her mental channel was the day she began to heal. When she made up her mind to focus on the possibilities of the future, instead of making excuses and wallowing in the past, Linda began to find a healthy balance in the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of life. She turned her life around, built a business, wrote a few books, lost 100 pounds and became committed to helping others achieve an attitude of altitude, in order to be the best they can be, personally and professionally.

Linda has come to be known for her bag of toys, her music, her pig brief case and her smiles-on-sticks, among other things. Her keynotes and playshops inspire audiences to dig up their funny bones and take themselves lightly in order to achieve new heights. Even the most terminally serious will leave her programs with a new appreciation of the power of positive attitude and laughter. She tailors her programs to meet the needs of each individual group. She educates and entertains. Her blend of humor, music and true life stories inspire audiences, whether she is talking to college kids about self esteem or hard core executives about increasing the bottom line.

In some organizations, she is affectionately called “The Laugh Lady.” Since she carries a pig-shaped briefcase, Linda has also been referred to as “Pig Woman.” This is not as flattering, but at least people remember her. Linda prefers the title of DIVA, which means Delighting In Victorious Attitude. The desks in many offices proudly display her famous “Smile on a Stick.”

Motivational Speaker, Keynote Speaker, Inspirational Speaker