Slightly Irregular Underwear


The title of one of my books is “Slightly Irregular Underwear,” with the subtitle, “Sometimes Imperfections Can be Perfect.” It is all about accepting imperfections in life. It’s no concern of anyone else what kind of underwear another person prefers, whether it be regular, irregular, or maybe none at all. I personally like granny panties because I find thongs to be uncomfortable and I believe there are certain areas of the body that are not meant to be flossed, and that’s one of them! But that’s just me.

The explanation of the title is as follows: One day I was shopping and came upon a display of underwear on a table under a sign which read SLIGHTLY IRREGULAR. Intrigued by the possibilities of irregular underwear, I shuffled through the pile, wondering if I would find bras with three cups or panties with sleeves. I was surprised to find seemingly normal underwear with no distinguishing characteristics. I was told that they had been discounted simply because of some tiny pulled threads which would not affect their functionality. They weren’t even noticeable, and they wouldn’t cause the garment to fall apart or spontaneously combust in hot weather! But because they weren’t perfect, they lost value.

Is there a life lesson in irregular underwear? Yes. We sometimes plan for ourselves a life that is perfect. We want to look perfect and excel at what we do. We want everything to go smoothly and if we hit a speed bump, it throws us off. There is nothing wrong with visualizing perfection, but the truth is that perfection doesn’t happen very often. In reality, our lives are usually slightly irregular and when they are, we tend to discount the value of the imperfections, which are the things that make us grow and often make us better versions of ourselves. They can highlight our unique qualities and personalities and even create situations that lead us to experiences we could never have imagined. Imperfections are what separate us from the mass produced!

These days, many people seem to be discouraged about how our world has changed; they see that there is a new normal and life is slightly irregular. It’s a challenge to find some items on the grocery shelves, we have to wait longer to get appointments, and things seem out of kilter. This isn’t the time for anger, unkindness, or pity parties. Rather than to contribute to Global Whining, let’s embrace the imperfections and try looking at the world through a lens of opportunity. Now is the time to strengthen our funny bones and find humor because it is all around us! Here is a humor opportunity courtesy of a sign in front of a local church:

Sunday’s Sermon: “What is Hell Really Like?”

Come in and hear our choir sing!

Although not meant to be funny, it probably makes a lot of people smile and that is a valuable commodity these days…kind of like slightly irregular underwear!